CoCEP recognised as a valued and respected Engineering training centre in United Kingdom. We always keep on concentrating to teach the fundamentals of the setting out engineering, and produce knowledgeable, qualified & expert site engineers in demanding construction industry to overcome the shortage of Setting out engineers.

CoCEP has established its courses using new gears, most user friendly advanced equipment and techniques, most recently developing a new idea in site engineer training at live construction sites during the course.

CoCEP introduced dynamic skills within the Engineering industry and developed demanding training courses which give individuals a rock-solid understanding of ethics and philosophies of setting out engineering and practical expertise that would normally take ages of site experience to gain.

CoCEP has established robust relationships with very well reputed construction industry employers. CoCEP engineering qualification is highly regarded in fast growing construction industry. Companies are keen to employee our trained site engineers. As part of our unique and vital service to our trained engineers we register their particulars with an employment data bank.


Valued and respected Professional training

The CoCEP qualification is highly recognised within the Engineering world. CoCEP qualification proves that you have the abilities and expertise required to work as a setting out engineer in construction industry.

United Kingdom registered education & training provider

College of Civil Engineering & Professionals is registered in the UK as an education and training provider. Registration means that students who are eligible under government schemes offering support to vocational trainees can apply to take the course. For example, this could be a student looking for training following a period of unemployment.

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